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Webinar: Your Toxic Home

Toxic HomeOver the years, many environmental groups and agencies have sought to clean up the toxic environment with varying results. A depleting ozone layer, carbon footprints and recycling our plastics, have now become part of the culture.

However, there is a growing amount of evidence that our environment within the home,can actually be up to 5x more toxic than our outdoor environment. As a result we are seeing and increase in many health conditions that were previously considered rare.

  • Learn how to identify the most toxic items in your home and what to do about them.
  • Which are the top 5 toxic items in your home
  • Potential health problems related to these chemicals
  • How it identify “greenwashed” cleaners and recipes to create your own natural solutions.
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Dr. Chris Chatzoglou

Dr. Chris Chatzoglou is a chiropractor in Vancouver, BC, freelance writer and natural health expert specializing in nutrition and fitness.