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TOTAL Health Makeover (.mp3) – February 2, 2014

IMG_3177This 3 Hour event will change how you view health, for the better!

You will learn:

  • Cutting edge nutrition and diet solutions that will help you burn fat, reduce toxicity, and boost energy levels, without fad or starvation diets.
  • Functional exercise that takes only 12 minutes to boost metabolism and rebalance hormones.
  • How to care for your body and help repair chronic, nagging injuries and reduce inflammation.
  • How to set goals and create a mindset for success.

You will receive:

  • Audio of the event (2.5 hours)
  • Participant handbook
  • Places to shop in Vancouver
  • Advanced Plan Recipe Book
  • Basic and Advanced Plan shopping lists
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Dr. Chris Chatzoglou

Dr. Chris Chatzoglou is a chiropractor in Vancouver, BC, freelance writer and natural health expert specializing in nutrition and fitness.