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Nutrition 101 – Basic Nutrition for Optimal Health

nutrition2Learn the Core Nutrition Plan:

* Avoid the dangers of modern nutrition
* Permanently change the way you and your family eat
* Transform the way you look and feel
* Avoid and even reverse high blood pressure, heart
disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.
* Take all the guesswork out of what you should be eating
* Regain control of your health!

Cutting-Edge Nutritional Information:

* Pesticides are linked to cancer, but where do you start?
* Fat does NOT make you fat, find out what does!
* Learn the top 3 things you must change to save your family’s life!

Webinar: Your Toxic Home

Toxic HomeOver the years, many environmental groups and agencies have sought to clean up the toxic environment with varying results. A depleting ozone layer, carbon footprints and recycling our plastics, have now become part of the culture.

However, there is a growing amount of evidence that our environment within the home,can actually be up to 5x more toxic than our outdoor environment. As a result we are seeing and increase in many health conditions that were previously considered rare.

  • Learn how to identify the most toxic items in your home and what to do about them.
  • Which are the top 5 toxic items in your home
  • Potential health problems related to these chemicals
  • How it identify “greenwashed” cleaners and recipes to create your own natural solutions.

Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss

Weight lossWant to lose weight the healthy way? Tired of fad diets and feeling hungry all the time? The Secret to weight loss is not a herbal supplement or calorie restriction: Its about eating the foods your body was designed to eat.

Weight loss should be a side-effect of a healthy diet and lifestyle and not the sole desired outcome.

In this webinar you will learn the secrets to healthy weight loss:

– Identifying the most toxic foods and replacing them with healthy alternatives.
– Resetting and Balancing hormones for optimal fat burning
– Fat burning tools that won’t take minutes a day and won’t cost a cent
– And much more…

TOTAL Health Makeover (.mp3) – February 2, 2014

IMG_3177This 3 Hour event will change how you view health, for the better!

You will learn:

  • Cutting edge nutrition and diet solutions that will help you burn fat, reduce toxicity, and boost energy levels, without fad or starvation diets.
  • Functional exercise that takes only 12 minutes to boost metabolism and rebalance hormones.
  • How to care for your body and help repair chronic, nagging injuries and reduce inflammation.
  • How to set goals and create a mindset for success.

You will receive:

  • Audio of the event (2.5 hours)
  • Participant handbook
  • Places to shop in Vancouver
  • Advanced Plan Recipe Book
  • Basic and Advanced Plan shopping lists